Friday, February 5, 2010

New Blog!

Well, I've started another blog, but I'm not abandoning this one. I've been wanting for some time to start posting some of the meditations on Scripture which I've been recording in my journal. Many of them can pass as short little devotionals, and I keep thinking others might be blessed by them. It seemed like the best place would be a new blog dedicated to that purpose:

I have quite a backlog from the past year or so of journaling, so posting will probably be daily for a while. Eventually it will settle down to two or three a week, I think. Most of the earlier ones are quite short, but true to form I have become wordier as time goes on. :)

So now I have three blogs, which seems excessive, especially when you consider how rarely I've been posting for a while. But I think they each fulfill a separate purpose:

Believer's Brain – article length commentary on social and spiritual issues
Geekspiel – news and comments about the geekier things that hold my interest (space, etc.)
The Occasional Devotional – the new blog, dedicated to short Scripture meditations

I hope you enjoy them!